About DE-HIX

DeHix is an organization currently operating internationally.
We believe life skills, education and world of work will enable our clients to become self sufficient and live healthy lives.
We assess and prioritize the needs of our clients on an individual basis.
Our clients range from children to adults.
Our focus is to enhance the lives of the needy through education, together with personal guidance to brighten the sad eyes that cry for hope.

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Our certified professional staff and faculty are composed of community based professionals, university employees, and university instructors who understand the mental and physical pains of the needy.
We encourage our clients to become self-sufficient and utilize their creative potentials as we guide them through life and career paths to develop and fulfill their dreams.
Presently most of our current and prospective clients are from underprivileged neighborhoods.

Dennis Hicks, the founder and president of DeHix, is a native of Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies.
His basic education, up to and including graduating from Government Teachers’ College, took place in Trinidad.
Having realized that education was the only means to a successful life, Dennis enhanced his knowledge academically, socially, physically, mentally and spiritually on a continuous basis.

Dennis started teaching in 1963 at the age of twenty, and presently is still teaching at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).
The experience and knowledge that he gained throughout these years benefited him enormously.
This created in him a mindset, whereby he acknowledged that the only path or road by which a human being could possibly achieve success was through the ongoing process of education.
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DeHix is affiliated with various corporations, non for profit organizations, universities, social services, religious entities, and governments – nationally and internationally.
Our mission is to ensure that the world commits itself to the development of every human being to the fullest of his or her abilities so that the ultimate purpose of creation will be fulfilled.